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Optinaturel/Pharmaceuticals Co. is a company that has International food production certificate by performing laboratory analysis at Internationally accredited laboratories in all parameters required for human health with different brands contained in the body of our company and registered NATURPY to allow our people to achieve more natural, healthier life standards with the principle of “Human first” by developing products proved to have natural benefits to the human health by scientists and numerous clinical studies performed nationally and internationally by taking opinions relating to content, form and effects of productsas a result of the researches of our academicians, doctors, pharmacists, biologists and chemists on the field of activity with the concept of “Natural Life, Healthy Life”. NATURPY will always maintain its innovative approach with the union of different experiences, ongoing patent processes and R&D studies.
Dogadan is the founder and leader of herbal infusion tea category in Turkey with 42 years of experience. We have exports to nearly 30 countries all over the world. Our tea bag packaging facility in Ankara, has one of the most advanced production technologies in Europe. It is also the most modern facility in Turkey with highest capacity of tea bag packaging with over 1 billion tea bags annually. All of our products are prepared and blended with proper herbs with precise amounts considering the functionalities of each herb by our qualified R&D experts. The international and regional awards we have, are the biggest proof of the innovative approach in our DNA. The most applicable example is our Buyulu Bohca series, which is developed according to consumer expectations and produced with patented technology, offering a unique and charming tea experience. Buyulu Bohca products contain special (bigger) cut herbs and fruit parts, packed in a special tea bag which is transparent, natural and 100% dissolvable in nature with a very special squeezing mechanism. In 2016, Buyulu Bohca Green Tea with Jasmine and in 2017 Buyulu Bohca Green Tea with Rose won golden medals in World Green Tea Contest organized annually in Japan with the participation of leading tea producing countries like China, Japan and Korea. In 2017, Dogadan Goji Berry Tea was awarded with a single star by the Great Taste Jury which is formed of 500 world-wide known gourmets, chefs, food writers and critics.
In May 1992, Damak Baharat Gida Mad. Paz. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. continues to decorate the tables without sacrificing the quality and taste of their products. Environmentally friendly Damak Baharat has TSE food codex and ISO 9001: 14001: 22000 and OHSAS 18001 certificates and has produced the HACCP standards and demonstrated its quality assurance.
As TNT Trade Foreign Trade Con. Ind. LLC. we have been serving our customers in many countries around the world. With our vehicle fleet we transport to many countries in Africa, Middle East and especially Europe. Our product range is expanding day by day in beverage, dry packaging services, liquid and dry food, pulses, soft drinks, mineral water, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, iced tea, fruit juice, fruity milk, cooking oils and butter, olive varieties, pickles and sauces, canned food, Textile products, fabric, clothing … Our Company is working with appropriate suppliers and food manufacturers, with our expert team, we handle the products obtained from the qualified people to the address. Our Company has a reliable and reputable name, what drives us to continuously improve ourselves, and according to the revision of the era's needs we aim to carry the right product in the most accurate and fastest way. We provide our customers with high quality and fast logistics. Our comapny’s main goal is to deliver the orders to our customers in the safest way. Due to our quality service, we keep the customers expectations at the highest level and our orders are delivered to you immediately. Providing an efficient logistics services, our modern vision and quality service as a company drive us to provide the most efficient transportation services. Thanks to years of experience without compromising our quality and transportation in many parts of the world we work to ensure that you reach your products in the safest way.
Operating in the automatic door sector for more than 10 years, 3N OTOMATIK KAPI TEKNOLOJILERI A. S. has entered the E-TRADE sector as 3N DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, which was newly established with its knowledge, experience.
We have been manufacturing herbal products in Turkey as a BEYAZLAR Group Company, Consisting of two brands Mindivan and Photoflor since 20 years. We have two separate production facilities, including herbal and cosmetic products, with a rich product range. In our own in-house microbiology laboratory, we make analysis with high technology and qualified personnel. Our company has chosen to serve as a principle to provice in new, traceable and best products with continuous R & D activities. Exporting to Europe from Asia; Our company Whites Group has ISO 22000: 2005, 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP certificates, meets with consumers high quality products Approximately two in every minute.